It's that time of year! We are teaming up again with Purdy's for our annual Easter fund raising event for Vans-On-The-Go! We have all of your chocolate loving needs wrapped up in one catalogue! Take a look at the yummy treats you can order for this Easter!

Ordering is as easy as eating chocolate.

Just click this link below, enter the campaign number "29351", fill out your info (you'll need an email address) and order to your heart's content!

The order deadline is March 2, 2024!

The order pickup is March 11, 2024 at 1565 B, Bay Avenue, Trail, BC

Catalogues and order forms are also available at our office and in the downloads below.

Purdy's Easter Fundraiser 2024 Downloads

Purdy's 2024 Easter Fundraiser Launch Letter
Purdy's 2024 Easter Fundraiser Catalogue
Purdy's 2024 Easter Fundraiser Order Form