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Fund Raising

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Trail Association for Community Living (TACL) is committed to providing service and support to individuals with significant barriers. These individuals are encouraged to maximize their strengths while living and working interdependently within the community. The Association advocates on behalf of all individuals to enhance quality of life, public understanding and community acceptance.

As a non-profit service provider, we are striving for ways to add value and excellence to our programs beyond our funded capacity, ultimately improving the lives and experiences of the people we support, some of whom are the community’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged members. TACL has been working extensively to develop alternate funding sources to augment program funds in order to optimize our support for the individuals and families we serve. Donations and fund raised dollars help offset costs.

TACL is a registered charity governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that are representatives of the community we serve. We currently receive funding from Community Living BC, Ministry for Children and Families and Employment Programs of BC.

TACL has been providing support and services to people in our community for over 65 years. Today TACL has 3 group homes which are Fruitvale House, Forrest Place and Alpha House.

Other Services Include:

  • Community Inclusion Riverside Day Program
  • Career Development Services
  • Children and Youth program
  • Community Support Program
  • Advocacy
  • Customized Employment Services
  • Family Support
  • Job-related Training
  • Life Skills
  • Peer Support
  • Recreational Opportunities
  • Community Inclusion Centre
  • Supported Employment Services
  • Thrifty Treasures Thrift Store
  • West Kootenay Youth and Adult Wood-shop

Ongoing Fund Raising Efforts

Coins for Change Fundraiser - An annual event raising funds and awareness towards Homelessness in the greater Trail area. The Getting to Home program started in 2012 and helps over 100 people each year who are homeless, at risk of being homeless or in need of housing support based on significant barriers. Each year members of the community raise funds and spend the night under the Victoria Street Bridge. The evening is full of great people, entertainment, food and prizes!

Purdy’s Chocolatier Christmas Fundraiser - Each holiday season, TACL raises funds with Purdy’s Chocolatier! In November Purdy’s Christmas catalogue will be available on our website. TACL receives 25% of the profit and is an easy way to complete your Christmas shopping. You may shop online or by order form, inside the catalogue. Funds raised go directly to our TAAC Mural Project.

Purdy's Christmas Fundraising Letter - 2017

Purdy's Christmas Fundraiser Poster - 2017

Purdy's Christmas Fundraiser Catalogue - 2017

Purdy's Christmas Fundraiser Order Form - 2017

Meat Draws at the Arlington Fundraiser - From September to June TACL volunteers in participation with the Trail Eagles at selected Friday evening Meat Draws. Funds raised go directly to Vans on the Go campaign.

Fund Raising Goals in 2017

This year we have identified several important fund raising goals. We invite you to read about each of these goals below.
Vans On The Go Campaign

In addition to providing our Community Living participants with a caring and safe home environment, TACL is committed to supporting their independence by making it possible for them to attend community events, visit family and engage in the of social and recreational activities that enrich all of our lives. However, leaving the home to engage in these activities is no simple task. Many of our clients rely on wheelchairs and other mobility aids to move around. TACL has a fleet of vehicles to make it possible for people to access their community. They are also needed for transportation to frequent medical appointments.

The residents of our group homes are members of a closely-knit community that enjoys getting together to celebrate holidays, birthdays and other gatherings. A number of our individuals are aging and have elderly parents who are in care or are unable to travel to our homes to visit their children. The vans are essential to maintain precious family relationships.

Our homes are spread from Warfield to Fruitvale with each home needing its own vehicle. Having access to transportation gives people the opportunity to experience a full life outside of their homes. Stated simply, the vans are a lifeline to the world outside their home.

Our vans are on the road daily between our Group Homes, Day Program, Community Support Programs and Child and Youth Program. The cost of fuel, insurance and maintenance are escalating. TACL is launching a campaign to raise the funds keep our vans on the road so our clients are able to continue enjoying a full life as equal members of our community.

We need your help to keep us on the go by donating to our Vans on the Go Campaign. Donate to the Vans on the Go Campaign securely online, through or choose other options outlined on our Ways to Give Page.

TACL Senior Activity Fund

For most of us growing older means slowing down a little, having less energy and needing a little more down time. It’s no different for adults with developmental disabilities. In fact many of these adults age earlier than the general population, experience a higher rate of dementia and experience a faster progression of the disease. Our senior members are increasing every year and the busy world of our day program a little too busy most of the time. We are planning changes to our Activity Centre to meet this growing need.

Our senior’s programming allows participants the flexibility to be as active as their energy or health concerns allows. We want a space where people can relax and engage in activities they enjoy.

For the seniors in our programs mobility is a little harder these days and for some sitting in a wheel chair or our regular chairs while at our activity centre is not very comfortable. Some big comfy chairs are just what are needed for those who want to come to the activity centre and relax in a place that is like a second home.

Today we move furniture around, and make do with chairs that are less than comfortable, that originally belonged to senior homes in the area and have been donated when those homes replaced their furniture.

As our participants age their care needs are also going to change our staff will need to do some specialized training about the changes the individuals are experiencing and their unique needs.

Our senior client numbers are more than last year and growing. We are starting to see an increase in people who have lived independently in our community or with little support needs to those who have lived at home with parents and as their parent’s age or pass on they are now accessing services. This number will not be decreasing.

We are grateful for your ongoing support of our older participants with special needs. Donate to the TACL Senior Activity Fund today securely online through or choose other options outlined on our Ways to Give Page.

Facility Needs

Funds will be used to address facility needs such as building enhancements, repairs and renovations to meet the specific needs of people served.

Mural Project - TAAC

Trail Association for Community Living is applying for grants and donations for a proposed building Mural on the south side of the Trail Association Activity Centre. The building in question is near the new Columbia River Skywalk and with co-operation from our neighbours we hope to have the mural extend to buildings along the back of the building and alley on the Groutage Ave side which would beautify this area as well. This project will encourage our participants of the Day Program, Residential, Community Support and Children's Program to volunteer and help paint along with members of our community to make this mural a welcoming sight for those coming across the new Columbia River Skywalk. They will be able to enjoy the mural and beautiful gardens for many years.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our community to come out and volunteer their time, get to know some of the individuals we support and be a partner in beautifying the Groutage Avenue which is a historical part of our community.

The estimated cost of this project is $20,000 which we hope to raise through grants and donations.

Contact has been made with Communities in Bloom as well as Canadian Murals with more details to come.

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