Residential Support

Residential Supports

Residential Supports or Group Home Living

TACL provides support for people who have an intellectual disability in residential settings or “group homes”. Our homes consist of 5 or 6 people sharing a home with each person receiving specialized support from support workers 24 hours per day.

The residences are home-like, accommodating people based on their abilities and care requirements. Each person has their own individualized private room.

Our residences are located in neighbourhoods in Trail, Fruitvale and Warfield.

In our residential settings, we help you with your personal care, and assist you in scheduling and attending different appointments with you. For example, if you were not feeling well, we would help you to make a doctor’s appointment and support you to go see the doctor.

Personal Space And Responsibilities

  • Every person living in a group home has their own bedroom that is their own private area.
  • When you live in a group home, you contribute your part in paying the rent/support, utilities and groceries that provide all of you meals
  • The rest of your money is yours to buy the things you want or need
  • Some people have wheelchairs and we have three group homes that are wheelchair accessible

Social Events

  • We have a meeting once a month and talk about the things that you and others would like to do.  We put your ideas on a social calendar and once a week we participate in the activity that you have chosen.
  • We will also help you to create your social events schedule and support you to attend these activities.  It is important for you to do the things you like as well as to have opportunities try new things.

Our Staff Will Support You To

  • Prepare meals
  • Take your medication as prescribed by your doctor
  • Pay your bills
  • Ensure your health and safety

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Mothers Day Tea @ 1769 Riverside Ave., Trail, BC
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The Trail Association Activity Centre (TAAC) will be hosting a Mother’s Day Tea on May 9th from 1-3pm at 1769 Riverside Ave., Trail, BC. Food and refreshments will be served. For more information, or to

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