Self-Advocacy Support

Self Advocacy Support

Self-Advocacy Is

  • About speaking for yourself
  • About speaking out for your rights
  • About teaching others to speak out for their right

Help To Advocate For Yourself

  • Some people cannot speak or communicate easily with others
  • You may need a friend, family member or someone else who knows you well to speak with you or for you

Self-Advocacy Is About Having Choices

  • People with disabilities have the right to make choices
  • Sometimes people with disabilities need help to make choices
  • Family and friends can help people learn about choosing
  • Self-Advocacy Means Having a Say About Your Services

People With Disabilities Can Have A Say About Services By

  • Participating in the individualized planning of their services
  • Letting people know if they are satisfied or not with services
  • Participating in an advocacy group
  • Getting support so that their voice can be heard

Learning About Self-Advocacy

  • Everyone has the right and the responsibility to learn to speak for themselves
  • People with disabilities can teach each other to speak for themselves
  • It can be easier to speak out for yourself by forming a group

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