Attention: TACL Celebrates completion of Mural

The Trail Association for Community Living (TACL) is thrilled to unveil a mural painted on the side of our Activity Centre on Riverside Avenue. Tyler Toews of Canadian murals has created a masterpiece!

Standing at the west entrance of the Skywalk Bridge, the side wall of the TAAC building is highly visible. Toews’ artwork invites visitors to walk through the historic area of Groutage Avenue towards the walking path along the Columbia River.

The mural depicts a puzzle of a historic Trail ‘Riverside’ landscape, with windows to a brighter more progressive future breaking through, as giant hands with colourful pieces, complete the puzzle, which all Trail residents are a necessary and vital piece.

By creating the mural along this side of the TAAC building, the mural will remain accessible to all members of the community.


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